What is a Circuit Master?

Circuit Master is a highly sophisticated band pass filter that blocks distortions in electrical power above and below the normal signal range. Circuit Master combines these filters that block out harmonic distortions, power spikes and surges, with line filter capacitors to improve power factor, all in one unique package.

Circuit Master comes in 20 different sizes so it can be quickly and efficiently installed to meet the specific needs of your equipment. Circuit Master forces current to better fit the 60 cycle AC Sine wave. This is ideal for any equipment that uses induction power such as motors, pumps or fluorescent ballasts. As a result, equipment will run more smoothly and efficiently. Equipment will draw less power and the life span will be increased while routine maintenance costs will decrease.

Circuit Master SAVES YOU MONEY by reducing energy costs, eliminating Power Factor Demand Charges from electric utilities and cutting equipment costs thru extended life cycle and reduced maintenance.

Why use a Circuit Master? To save MONEY!

Energy costs are skyrocketing due to increased customer requirements, limited capacity and increasing fuel prices. Most electric utilities now charge customers a "demand fee", which is a surcharge for using excess power. This fee is a result of low power factor that comes from inefficiencies in inductive load equipment.

The United States Government is attempting to lead the way by reducing energy usage 30% in the next 10 years as mandated by Executive Order 13423. By correcting the power factor of your equipment, The Circuit Master guarantee's a minimum 10% reduction in energy consumption and costs with even greater savings possible, almost one third of the total goal! In addition, since equipment runs more efficiently at cooler temperatures, it will last longer and need less maintenance which saves even more money!

How is Circuit Master used?

Circuit Master is easily installed, usually in less than an hour by any licensed electrician, to correct power factor in equipment such as:

What are the other benefits of Circuit Master?