The Circuit Master guarantee's a minimum 10% reduction in energy consumption and costs with even greater savings possible!


Greenlight Technologies and our Affiliates have assisted many customers in various industries and locations around the world. Whether you’re a multiple or single location customer we can help you save on your energy costs.

Company Name: DKM Manufacturing
Location: Victor, IA
Proposal: Increase efficiency of Capacitor Bank at main service and reduce overall electric bill by treating main injection molding press.
Results: Capacitor Bank efficiency was increased to a .94 PF with an 80 AMP load reduction and the overall electric bill was reduced by $20k annually.
Installed Products: 3 Circuit Masters
Company Name: Luxor Hotel & Casino
Location: Las Vegas NV
Proposal: Reduce energy cost, lower operating temperatures, and extend life of refrigeration units.
Results: Installed ThermaMax in several refrigeration units ranging from 5 to 90 tons. Electrical costs have dropped 10-20% and there has been a very noticeable drop in operating temp's and noise & vibration.
Installed Products: ThermaMax PROA
Company Name: Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority
Location: Schertz, TX
Proposal: Reduce energy cost a minimum of 10% at a remote lift stations.
Results: Installed Circuit Masters at a lift stations and reduced energy cost 20.9% with an increase flow demand of 1.9%.  
Installed Products: 1 Circuit Masters
Company Name: BASF
Location: Windsor, Ontario
Proposal: Increase Power Factor and reduce KWh usage on 75hp pump
Results: Increased PF by 19.2% and reduced energy cost by 15.2%.  This was an initial test in April 2007; currently BASF has 19 CMs installed and is saving an average of 14%.  
Installed Products: 1 Circuit Master
Company Name: IGA (International Grocers of America)
Location: Sandy Hook, KY
Proposal: To reduce their monthly electric costs by at least 10% and reduce Power Factor penalty while improving power quality.  Also, increase the efficiency of the older refrigeration compressors.  
Results: Actual energy cost savings was 15.6% with the elimination of the Power Factor penalty and lower operating temperatures.   The return on investment (ROI) was 14.5 month.  
Installed Products: 2 Circuit Masters, 1 Airco Saver, and ThermaMax PROA
Company Name: Family Tradition Foods (Green Giant)
Location: Windsor, Ontario
Proposal: Increase Power Factor and reduce Amp draw and lower KWh usage on a 25hp boiler feed pump.
Results: Increased PF from .83 to a perfect 1 and reduced Amp draw by 14.5% which lowered KWh usage over 10%.  This was an initial test in Sept 2005; they have since added 15 more CMs.
Installed Products: 1 Circuit Master
Company Name: City of Pampa (Water & Waste Water)
Location: Pampa, TX
Proposal: Reduced operating cost of a 60hp water well pump by reducing KWh while maintaining same flow rate.
Results: 21.2% reduction in KWh while maintaining flow rate.  Currently, they have installed 26 CMs at various lift stations and water wells with similar results.
Installed Products: 1 Circuit Master
Company Name: Coors Distributor
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Proposal: Increase efficenciency of 2 100 ton refrigeration chiller units.
Results: Increased Power Factor (57%) from .35 to .92 and lowered AMP draw (58%) from 377 to 159 with a resulting KVA reduction of 57%.
Installed Products: 4 Circuit Masters
Company Name: Hartman Property Mgt
Location: Houston, TX
Proposal: Reduce operating cost of chiller units by 10% at Gulf Plaza Office complex.
Results: Reduced KWH usage over 20% resulting in an annual savings of $14K with a 1 year ROI.  After initial test on 1-30-07 they have installed over 20 more CMs between 3 properties.
Installed Products: 3 Circuit Masters
Company Name: USPS
Location: Merrifield, VA
Proposal: Reduce KVA usage by at least 10%.  Test was performed on a 10hp chill water pump.  
Results: KVA was reduced 16.3%. AMP draw was reduced 17.6 and PF was improved from .82 to .98.  Eaton Lab testing & funding has been approved waiting on nation wide implementation plan.
Installed Products: 1 Circuit Master